Wireless Electricity Applications

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 Watt UP system can charging cell phones, earpads, smart rings, watches, and other wearables; Mid Field systems that can charge devices at a distance either fixed (Smart doorbell, light fittings, security cameras) or mobile (earbuds, headsets, keyfobs);  and Far Field systems that use our energy harvesting technology to keep sensors for Fire and CO2 alarms, temperature monitoring or other security sensors fully operational.

In addition to everyday battery powered devices (gaming controllers, remote controls, smoke detectors, toys, etc.), This is where WattUp really proves its value – eliminating the need for constant battery replacement and extra power cords by offering over-the-air charging capabilities to your gadgets.



Allow your employees to roam freely and keep their distance with the WattUp ecosystem, which complements various spaces within the office environment — from employee desks, to conference rooms, and even the lunchroom.

When common desktop devices are WattUp enabled, it may offer both Near and Mid Field charging capabilities to keep computer mice, keyboards, smartphones, fitness trackers, remote controls, webcams and other devices charged up throughout the busy work day. Other devices in break rooms, conference rooms and all the way down to the lobby can be charged using in-contact or over-the-air power transmission, depending on the situation.

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Bacteria and infections are among some of the most basic, yet urgently important dangers in exam and operating rooms. Not only do hard-to-sanitize cords on tools harbor germs, but they can also become entangled during use.


Cordless tools that are completely sealed can free up doctors and nurses from cord management and also allow for easy sterilization.


WattUp charging technology is flexible enough to fit into both large and small devices while supporting both low and high-power needs.


Patient monitors, medical sensors, hearables, asset tracking, medical carts and communication systems are just some of the medical applications for WattUp wireless charging.


However, the tactical electronic equipment necessary to achieve battlespace dominance require a reliable supply of reliable batteries, and this can be a challenge. Batteries need to be monitored and managed in depots and unit storerooms to ensure that they are healthy, charged, and ready to be deployed – and they need to be rechargeable in the field too.

WattUp Wireless charging technology can help. It is ideally suited for inclusion in tactical electronic devices, as well as for larger equipment such as UAVs. As WattUp doesn’t require connectors, it enables greater hardware durability by providing protection against dust and moisture damaging internal components. It also eliminates the risk of damage to external ports and covers.

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In a fast-moving industrial workplace, cumbersome cords, never-ending wires and constantly draining batteries can slow down productivity or even halt the line.

Waterproof industrial sensors, inventory scanners, security cameras and other small electronic devices that are used heavily in industrial settings are instantly improved if they are wirelessly charged at-a-distance. Pallet tracking becomes a breeze when all sensors and RFID chips are at full power. Along with other everyday tools such as walkie-talkies, tablet devices, and much more will all be ready to go for your fast-paced business.

Wireless power technology supplied by Soljex  is responding to these new industrial realities by removing plugs and cords,  making sensors, electronic locks, asset tracker, electronic shelf labels, and a large variety of small battery powered devices waterproof, more robust, maintenance free, smaller with new design flexibility, and easier to implement in operations.



WattUp wireless power transmitters for vehicles will keep your devices charged on your way to work, or on that long road trip you’ve been planning.

WattUp charging technology can come built into the vehicle or retrofitted to an existing vehicle. 


Either way Soljex offers fast-charging wireless power for smartphones, tablets and more in the dashboard, center console or other areas of the vehicle.  Long gone are the days of unsafely fumbling with wires – because a WattUp-enabled vehicle means you will be able to charge all of the various small electronic devices you carry with you on the road, without having to worry about specific orientation placement.