Soljex Solar Lighting solutions


Solar Street lighting

Soljex supply the cutting edge solar street poles crafted by Netherlands innovative company and will implement it in Middle east for the first time


Solar Outdoor lighting

Soljex supply the most innovative outdoor wireless lighting Lumineers,  to enhance your convenient levels .


Market leader in smart solar technology

Soljex supply the most innovative and smart solar products to our valuable clients, as a head forward , soljex progress a partnership with a Dutch high-tech company with over 17 years of experience in solar technology. The company was founded on a unique and patented technology for curving highly efficient mono-crystalline silicon solar cells. By integrating this technique with our leading innovations, They are successfully creating the most advanced and sophisticated solar products on the market. The Soluxio is an example of what years of experience and innovation has resulted in; the most advanced solar product of its kind. FlexSol was the first company to implement smart machine learning algorithms, high-end lithium batteries and smart communication systems in her products.


We take our position as a pioneer in the solar industry very seriously, therefore we only work with the best suppliers, manufacturers and people. Our in-house engineering and design departments never stop developing, designing and improving. New features, benefits and smart cities applications are always coming your way. FlexSol also has first-hand access to major and life-changing technological advancements due to her partnerships and location. Our headquarter is located at the Science Park of the Delft University of Technology, in Delft the Netherlands. Our mission is to integrate aesthetically-pleasing solar energy worldwide with our core values: