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Energy Saving Products


Batterie eco

The Batterie eco is the perfect solution for those wanting the greatest possible flexibility. Since it is not bound to any particular photovoltaic system size, its modular design makes it the right companion for you. It can also be easily connected to other power sources and is compatible with a mini wind turbine, a micro co generation unit or a fuel cell. The Batterie eco is also ideally suited for those who already have a photovoltaic system. It can be easily connected to existing installed systems enabling them to enjoy their solar power day or night.


Batterie hybrid

The Batterie hybrid provides maximum cost efficiency as the system also includes the inverter for your photovoltaic system. This eliminates the need for an external device to convert direct current (DC) from the roof into alternating current (AC) for your house. This significantly reduces the total cost of a photovoltaic system and Batterie. The system also becomes more compact and efficient. Due to its very high efficiency, we ensure that solar power reaches your household with virtually no losses.


Batterie pro

The Batterie pro is the new standard for responsible energy consumption in commercial operations. It offers maximum self-sufficiency, capacity and performance. Since companies require more energy than a typical single-family home, three Batteries can be combined to form a larger capacity storage solution. Due to this higher performance and increased capacity, the Batterie pro operates with larger photovoltaic systems and is therefore suitable for commercial buildings with large solar arrays. Thanks to the integrated energy manager with weather forecasting and estimated charging behavior, your company can achieve efficient and transparent supply of clean power at all times.

Sonnen technologies

The sonnenBatterie is an intelligent control centre that manages all the solar power in your household.

Self-produced energy round the clock – discover how the sonnenBatterie works.

During the day the sonnenBatterie optimises the usage of your solar power in your house.

The sonnenBatterie will reliably supply you with energy during the nighttime using the stored solar power generated during the day.

In the inter-connected sonnenCommunity all members share their energy with one another to reach a maximum degree of independence.

Clean energy for all: presenting the sonnenBatterie and the sonnenCommunity.

sonnen community 

The sonnenCommunity is a community of sonnenBatterie owners who are committed to a cleaner and fairer energy future. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy it is already possible to become a member of the sonnenCommunity. As a member you can share your self-produced energy with other members of the sonnenCommunity. Since you are exclusively using energy from the community, there is no need for a conventional energy provider anymore.

With a sonnenBatterie and a photovoltaic system you'll completely cover your own energy needs on sunny days – often even generating a surplus. This surplus is not fed into the conventional power grid, but into a virtual energy pool that serves other members in times when they can not produce enough energy due to bad weather.

A central software links up and monitors all sonnenCommunity members - while balancing energy supply and demand. As a sonnenCommunity member you don't need your conventional energy provider anymore - you are independent. From now on you supply yourself with renewable energy that is generated decentralized: you are part of the energy future!

Community power

Community power


you have access to our low-priced electricity tariff. You may also share your home produced surplus energy with other members of the sonnenCommunity. For every kilowatt hour that you share you'll receive a financial compensation that is well above the level of compensation offered by your electricity providers. And if you receive Community power, you will pay a lot less than the so called market price.

One of those electricity tariff is

the sonnenFlat. 

The sonnenFlat: say goodbye to electricity


Forget about electricity price hikes – with the sonnenFlat you can stop paying for the power you use. Your electricity bill will soon amount to 0 € per year (within the limits of your individual sonnenFlat-rate*).

This is how it works.

The sonnenFlat-Box connects thousands of sonnenBatterie users and combines many individual home storages into a giant pool of batteries. This “virtual storage” is large enough to buffer vast amounts of energy thereby helping to stabilize the public power grid.

For example, when there is a storm that suddenly results in an abundance of windgenerated electricity the balance between supply and demand is lost. This causes an overload on the public power grid. A virtual storage consisting of thousands of sonnenBatteries can store huge amounts of excess energy for later use within a matter of seconds. This takes the strain of the public power grid and keeps its operation stable.

Members of the sonnenCommunity can now use their sonnenBatterie to become part of such a battery pool by providing a small share of their individual storage for the public power grid. As a financial compensation, they can get the sonnenFlat for 0 € energy cost (within the limits of the sonnenFlat-rate*).


You will not even notice that you are sharing your energy storage with the sonnenCommunity because your sonnenBatterie will only be used a couple of minutes each week to buffer short-term peaks in the power grid. With the sonnenFlat, storing electricity becomes even more economical for the individual. A household will save 100 % of its energy costs. At the same time, the general public also profits from this technology because it negates the need to expand the public power grid. When you register for the sonnenFlat you will receive the sonnenFlat-Box by your postal service. Just plug the box into any socket in your home and you‘re done! It‘s really that simple to start into your energy future.

* As a sonnenCommunity member with the sonnenFlat. Please note that the membership for sonnenCommunity and sonnenFlat is currently limited to a few countries. Depending on the sonnenFlat rate clients will receive cost-free energy up to 4,250 kWh with “sonnenFlat 4250”, up to 5,500 kWh with “sonnenFlat 5500” and up to 6,750 kWh with “sonnenFlat 6750”.