On-Grid Solar Networks

Soljex build ON-grid-connected solar power plant (or photovoltaic power system or grid-connected PV power system or On-Grid solar power plant) is an electricity generating solar PV power system that is connected to the state power grid.

It reduce the electricity bill by providing power to the home loads in parallel with grid

Unlike traditional solar power plant or stand-alone power systems (or OFF-Grid Solar power plant), a grid-connected system doesn't includes a batteries.

On-Grid inverters converts direct current (DC) generated by solar panel, voltage to alternating current (AC) voltage and that can operate in parallel with the electric utility grid.

When conditions are right, the grid-connected PV system supplies the excess power, beyond consumption by the connected load, to the utility grid.


Why on Grid

Cost Effective

Lower investment cost

Positive income

Generate revenues from extra power supplying to grid

Easy install

Easier and faster installation  and maintenance  


​Dual-energy sources enhance the electricity reliability at your site

Fast recoup

Return on investment within 3-5 Years only

Long Life

​Network extends up to 25 Years warranty 

On-Grid Inquiries

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