Design, build and operate your modern farm with Smart Electricity by DE™


As a commercial farms facility manager, you rely on the latest technology to maximize facility output while minimizing labor, time and costs. Yet these innovative ag-tech solutions – from LED-based lighting to automated irrigation - all have a critical flaw: they’re powered by primitive electricity developed in the 1800s.

Smart Electricity DE™ is purpose-built for today’s high-tech facility and the future of cannabis production. With combined breakthroughs in power and datadistribution, you now have the flexibility, control, safety, security and efficiency to build, upgrade and manage the best cultivation facility possible

Minimize Input. Maximize Output

Compared to conventional AC and DC power distribution, Soljex smart electricity by DE™ significantly reduces (and in some cases eliminates) the cost, time and complexity of building, retrofitting and managing a cannabis production facility.

Typical results include:

  • Electrical installation cost savings of $0.50/W

  • Electrical installation time savings of 80%

  • Elimination of electrical permits, conduit, circuit breakers and other equipment associated with conventional electricity

  • Reduction of sensible and latent heat loads

Overcome lighting power density (LPD) limitations

While urban farming has many benefits, it also has many challenges. One of which is limited access to necessary power.

For producers with a LPD regulatory requirement, Soljex smart electricity by DM ™ can deliver double the power per square foot while maintaining compliance.

High Power with Increased Safety

Smart electricity impalement by Soljex DE ™ operates at 345V, yet provides protection against shock and fire using over 500 safety checks every second.

The check points protect against human injury, equipment failure, poor connections, phantom loads and electrical fires.

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A direct link between grower and environment

The initial focus of our technology is to improve crop production in vertical farms by optimizing high voltage electricity with high intensity lighting.

Our platform gives you precise control over photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) up to 2,000 µmol/m2/s, photoacclimation and photoperiod with real-time monitoring and alerts by room, row, tier, table, individual light and strain.

Powering prosperity

Vertical farming (and its many benefits compared to conventional farming) is only viable if profitable.

Our decision to focus initially on high-intensity lighting is based on the latest academic research and customer trials showing a 40% average increase in crop yield with a 100% increase in PPFD, and a 10% increase in energy efficiency compared to conventional electricity1.

The future of controlled-environment agriculture

Our solution is developing alongside new technologies and insights into genetics, microclimates, beneficial microorganisms, photobiology and secondary metabolites.

Soljex smart Electricity by DE™ will continue to expand how you interact with your crop, your environment, your facility and ultimately with your customers

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Soljex is currently looking to work with a select number of Agriculture producers who want to lead the digital transformation of controlled-environment agriculture.

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