Highly Scalable

Total System Safety


With its flexible architecture, Gridstack allows you to configure components to meet your precise requirements and optimize the system design to address specific market applications.

Gridstack can be easily customized while still leveraging the Fluence Cube’s simplified design, delivery, and maintenance.

Easily Configurable


Gridstack brings repeatability to large energy storage deployments, reducing implementation risks and lowering costs.

Its simple, scale-out design drives efficiencies in project permitting, delivery, and operations, and creates consistency across project locations to simplify training and O&M activities.


Sunstack’s comprehensive safety features span its integrated hardware, software, and intelligence technology stack.

Designed to meet industry-leading safety standards, such as UL9540, UL9540A, and IEC compliance, Sunstack is equipped with emergency shutdown, system limits, fire suppression, incipient gas detection, deflagration panels and more. Safety is embedded throughout every level of Fluence OS, which continuously monitors, detects, and alerts operators to potential anomalies.

Gridstack Powerful