EdgeStack powerful


Built on our sixth generation technology, Edgestack’s fully assembled, factory-built storage system makes it easy for you to install and operate.


The system’s compact design fully integrates all components: batteries, racking, inverters, safety features, HVAC, and software control systems.

Quiet and emissions-free, Edgestack occupies a small footprint and can be sited at nearly any commercial or industrial location.

Fleet Optimized

Edgestack adopts a customize-and-scale approach, allowing you to configure the system to meet your requirements, and then deploy across a fleet of your facilities or operations.


This repeatable structure drives efficiencies in project design and permitting, enabling fast delivery and rapid installation. Likewise, consistency across project locations simplifies training, operations, and maintenance for your team.

With an easy-to-use interface, Fluence’s fleet management capabilities give you remote visibility into all your storage assets simultaneously with real-time key performance indicators and fleet-level information.

Total System Safety

Edgestack’s comprehensive safety features span its integrated hardware, software, and intelligence technology stack.

Designed to meet industry-leading safety standards, such as UL9540, UL9540A, and IEC compliance, Edgestack is equipped with emergency shutdown, system limits, fire suppression, incipient gas detection, deflagration panels and more.


Safety is embedded throughout every level of Fluence OS, which continuously monitors, detects, and alerts operators to potential anomalies.