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Dish type Stirling solar thermal power generation technology:

Dish type Sterling solar thermal power generation system is mainly composed of Sterling engine, receiver, condenser, control system, etc.


When it is running, the dish type Sterling solar thermal power generation system uses dish type parabolic condenser to collect the energy of the sun, reflects it to the focus of the condenser to obtain concentrated heat of high temperature and high heat flux, and drives the solar Stirling engine placed near the focus of the condenser so as to drive the generator to generate electricity.


Usually, the concentration ratio of the condenser system can reach over 2000. The working temperature of the heater surface maintains 600 ℃-750 ℃.


The peak light electricity conversion efficiency of the system can reach more than 25%. As a new type of power generation technology, dish type Stirling solar thermal power generation technology has some advantages including high efficiency, occupying less land, suitable for modular combination and less industrial chain pollution, is internationally recognized as a clean energy, and has broad prospects for development and huge market potential.

Main characteristics:

  • Good concentration performance which can reach more than 2000 times.​

  • The photoelectric conversion rate reaches 33% occupying less land​

  • High quality of power generation with no inverter and direct connecting to the grid.​

  • The grid can be connected in  a centralized way off-grid distributed  power plant  may also be established​

  • No pollution, using less water, it can be installed in the land with 30 Degree Slop.​

  • Convenient maintenance strong compatibility, reduce downtime.​

  • Low power cost, the power cost for mass production is close to the thermal power cost.​

  • No attenuation, high power generation value, short investment recovery period.​

  • Large potential in cost advantage, low cost per kilowatt.

Main parameters:

  • Maximum output power 25kW

  • Maximum power generation efficiency 25%

  • Condenser diameter 12m

  • Can work in the environment with a DNI value of 450~1200w/m2

Main application occasions:

It can be installed in the area with rich solar light resources to build the power plant of 100 MW level or above. As the 100 kW level distributed energy system, it can be used by the border posts, islands and cities. If it is combined with solar energy low cost hydrogen production and hydrogen storage technology, it can use the characteristics of the Sterling engine itself to achieve 24-hour power generation.

Soljex present a modified type of dish-engine to desalinate seawater and industrial water by adding modified heat exchanger with its  instruments and equipment's.



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