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Decarbonization Sectors


​Industrials, Commercial, Banking, residential,hospitality, transportation, logistic

Soljex decarbonization solutions


As pressure from investors, consumers and employees mounts, retail giants are targeting sustainability — and beyond — with big commitments to restore land and water resources. This applies across their supply chains, and into the transportation and logistics industries.

Zero Carbon state where we add no incremental greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. This means achieving a balance between carbon emissions and carbon sinks through a combination of significant emissions reduction and carbon sequestration.


Decarbonization solutions will help ,Industrials, retail, hospitality, transportation and logistics which can leads to :-



Fuel reduction in container ships


Lower energy usage in retail stores


IoT and AI-enabled vending machines connected

The path to zero emission

We help enterprises decarbonize operations and supply chains around the world, from initial assessment to digital and business process optimization. We can also work with you outside of your organization to offset the carbon you haven’t yet removed from your own footprint.

Soljex leverages in the retail, hospitality, transportation, and logistics industries. Our clients span food and grocery, restaurants and hospitality, fashion and luxury, nonfood retail, infrastructure, logistics, last-mile and freight, ground transportation, and air traffic.

We deliver next-generation shopping experiences with advanced customer experience, omnichannel and data-driven personalization. We reduce costs and emissions in transportation and logistics, increase transparency and compliance, and decarbonize supply and delivery chains thanks to last-mile delivery and intelligent supply chain solutions.

Green Mountain

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Decarbonization Advisory:
From A to Zero

  • Climate strategy audit

  • Science-based target setting with a tailored emissions-reduction plan

  • Offsetting strategy and selection of a tailored portfolio of certified carbon-offset credits

  • Climate-scenario analysis of risks and opportunities, with value-chain resilience assessment

  • Communication about your actions and engagement with internal and external stakeholders


 Decarbonize your business

  • AI-based analysis of energy consumption behaviors

  • Digital workplace solutions to support home-based working

  • Offsetting emissions through certified carbon credits

  • Maturity evaluation and benchmarking for carbon footprint of existing IT/OT infrastructure

  • A structured roadmap that presents actions and defines how to measure progress


Organizational footprint

Product footprint

Portfolio footprint

Overcoming the challenges

Gap Analysis

Scenario Analysis


Climate risk prioritization

Climate change opportunity identification

Climate risk mitigation plan


Our Responsible Business Approach

1. To reduce our environmental impact
2. To place employees at the heart of the company
3. To be involved in communities
4. To facilitate a lasting relationship with our customers and suppliers
5. To support research and innovation in response to climate change