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Concentrated Solar Power

Modular ​power towers at design sizes for diverse Commercial, industrial and residential projects

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Power Tower

Soljex develop modular Mid-Sized power tower systems use a central receiver system, which allows for higher operating temperatures and thus greater efficiencies.


Computer-controlled mirrors (called heliostats) track the sun along two axes and focus solar energy on a receiver at the top of a high tower.


The focused energy is used to heat a transfer fluid (over 1,000° F) to produce steam and run a central power generator.


Energy storage can be easily and efficiently incorporated into these projects, allowing for 24 hour power generation.

Key Requirements for Concentrating Solar Power Plants

  • Areas of high solar radiation – In order to concentrate the sun’s energy, it must not be too diffuse. This is measured by the direct normal intensity (DNI) of the sun’s energy.

  • Access to water resources – Like other thermal power plants, such as natural gas, coal and nuclear, most CSP systems require access to water for cooling. All require small amounts of water to wash collection and mirror surfaces. CSP plants can utilize wet, dry, and hybrid cooling techniques to maximize efficiency in electricity generation and water conservation.

  • Contiguous parcels of land with limited cloud cover – A CSP plant operates most efficiently, and thus most cost-effectively, when built in sizes of 100 MW and higher. While land needs will vary by technology, a typical CSP plant requires 5 to 10 acres of land per MW of capacity. The larger acreage accommodates thermal energy storage.

  • But Soljex develop a modular designs for power towers suitable for for mid-sized plants.

  • Available and proximate transmission access – CSP plants must be sited on land suitable for power generation with adequate access to an increasingly stressed and outdated transmission grid. Access to high-voltage transmission lines is key for the development of utility-scale solar power projects to move electricity from the solar plant to end users. Much of the existing